Sunday, February 24, 2019

Terminal One shoreline parking at issue

   POINT RICHMOND - The Bay Conservation and Development Commission's public hearing on the proposed 316-unit Terminal One housing project adjacent to the Richmond Yacht Club and Miller Knox Regional Park has been delayed until April.
     The BCDC has requested additional information about public parking from the developers of the project (Laconia) - and the City of Richmond.
Terminal One site, adjacent to the Richmond Yacht Club
     BCDC "asked the applicants to provide further information regarding the use of on-street parking as well as parking at nearly public access areas," Rebecca Coates-Muldoon of the BCDC said.
     Additionally, the BCDC wants to know of any measures being taken by the developers to "encourage public use for shoreline access and discourage use by residents and their guests."
     The delay in holding a public hearing to April may be partly an outgrowth of concerns raised by the Brickyard Cove Alliance for Responsible Development (BCARD) in addition to BCDC's analyses.
     In a letter to BCDC, BCARD member Brian Lewis outlined a series of the group's concerns about the proposed parking plan and existing parking issues. He included a video exhibit for BCDC to consider: BCARD video of traffic.
     "It will only be worse with the residents at Terminal One," he wrote,
     Of major concern is the planned lack of public parking along the proposed Shoreline Drive.
     "I suspect Terminal One is wanting to preserve the views from the homes and condos without cars," Lewis wrote, He noted that if it is allowed, it is a major change along the Point Richmond waterfront.
     "Every HOA in this area has on-street parking next to the water. Even San Francisco has street parking along the Embarcadero."
     Because the Terminal One project still needs finish up obtaining permits and is unlikely to receive them until fall of 2019, construction is now predicted to begin in 2021.

This map shows Shoreline Drive and the public park and pier.