Friday, February 24, 2017

Pt. Richmond parking issues discussed

   POINT RICHMOND - Parking in the downtown Point Richmond business district - as well as residential neighborhoods impacted by parking issues - were the focus of a presentation made Wednesday night to the Point Richmond Neighborhood Council by city staff member, Denee Evans.
     Evans, a former code enforcement officer now working with the City of Richmond Transportation & Parking Services, outlined changes - and opportunities - for improving parking, made possible by changes in laws approved in January.
     She said that those changes will be reflected on the Richmond city website in the very near future.
     "We are about to upload a lot of information that people should find very useful," Evans said.
     The West Contra Costa County Transit Advisory Committee met today to look at various transportation issues related to population growth and impacts on traffic and area residents.
     As an example of population and traffic growth,  Evans referenced an PRNC earlier presentation made by New West Development Corporation of Las Vegas. The company just unveiled a proposed Point Richmond development - a 270-unit housing project on six acres with access on Seacliff Drive.
     The daily vehicle trips generated by that development - if approved - would be added to the vehicle traffic expected from the approximately 330 units of the approved Terminal One project and the 60 units from an approved (and under construction) shoreline condo project by Shea Homes.
     All three would utilize Seacliff Drive, Brickyard Way and Dornan Drive.
     The New West developers promised the PRNC that a full traffic study to see what the impacts of the project could be will be part of their planning studies and/or the environmental impact review.
     A story and illustrations about the Las Vegas-based firm's project can be found here: Bottoms Quarry.
     Evans also outlined a new neighborhood parking permit program that can be initiated by the city council, transit staff or residents who believe they is a parking problem in a particular neighborhood or street. This program could include finding ways to improve parking in the Point Richmond business district.
     Details about how that program could work in the business district and/or neighborhoods are going to be reflected in the new website information, she said.