Wednesday, February 15, 2017

County superior court judge rejects attempt to halt new Richmond rent control law

    RICHMOND - Contra Costa County Superior Court Judge Judith Craddick Wednesday upheld Richmond's rent control law, approved by voters in November, the East Bay Times reports.

    The law, approved by 65 percent of voters in the general election, rolls back rents to where they were July 21, 2015.

   The request to strike down the law came from the California Apartment Association, an industry lobbying group. It had gone to court to get an injunction to halt implementation of the law.

   The association is also trying to block rent control in Alameda, San Jose, San Mateo and Santa Rosa.

   For the full East Bay Times story, click this link: RENT CONTROL UPHELD

Solar farm opens off Richmond Parkway

   RICHMOND - A new two-megawatt solar farm off Richmond Parkway was unveiled Tuesday by Marin Clean Energy, the East Bay Times reported.
     The power generated is enough for 600 homes per year.
     MCE partners with local entrepreneurs who use their properties to generate solar energy, selling it back to MCE.
     The land owners also quality for federal tax incentives.
     "There is an unprecedented opportunity to provide power generation right in the places were people use it and employ people who live there," Richmond Mayor Tom Butt says in the Times.

Here is the link to the full story in the East Bay Times: New Solar Farm

East Bay Times photo