Sunday, January 29, 2017

KTVU reports on Republic Services

   OAKLAND - KTVU television Thursday broadcast a story about the cease-and-desist order from Contra Costa County that instructed Republic Services to immediately stop accepting compostable material at its Parr Road facility in Richmond.
   The county's action was announced Tuesday night, moments in advance of a Richmond City Council study session about the ongoing problems of noxious odors emanating from Republic.
   Click here for The Point's Wednesday's story about the study session and the county's action issuing its order: COUNTY ORDERS REPUBLIC.


KTVU television's report:

     RICHMOND (KTVU) -- Contra Costa county health officials have issued a cease-and-desist order to a Richmond composting facility after hundreds of people complained about terrible smells from the facility.
     Inspectors recently visited the site and say they found unsafe conditions at the facility, indicating serious operational problems at the facility.
     Marilyn Underwood, the county's environmental health director, said the plant handles green waste from west and central Contra Costa County, including waste from residents in Richmond and Walnut Creek.
     Follow this link for the rest of the KTVU story: KTVU REPORTS