Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Point parking & traffic meeting tonight

   POINT RICHMOND - A special two-hour meeting to discuss parking and traffic issues in The Point will be held tonight from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at the Point Richmond Community Center on Washington Avenue.
     The meeting is open to the public.
     The session will be facilitated by Shawn Dunning and run similarly to collaborative solutions workshops conducted earlier this year by outgoing Point Richmond Neighborhood Council President David Schoenthal.
   In an announcement for the meeting, Schoenthal said he wanted people to understand that the event tonight is to get community input into how to solve parking and traffic issues in The Point.
     This meeting will not be a campaign event," he said.
      In addition to the facilitator and members of the public, Lori Reese Brown and DenĂ©e Evans of the Richmond Transportation Department are expected to attend, Schoenthal said.
    Community members will likely be asking questions about parking enforcement, how to get additional parking for The Point area, and what plans the city has for dealing with the traffic expected from four new residential developments coming on line. 
     One is already constructed - the apartments adjacent to Mechanics Bank. Shea Homes is in the early phases of construction of homes off Seacliff Drive. Another project is expected to break ground this year, the 200-unit Quarry Residential project on Seacliff Drive near Canal Boulevard. Still in process is the 300+ unit Terminal One residential project at the end of Dornan Drive.