Friday, December 30, 2016

East Bay Times story on odor problem

    POINT RICHMOND - The East Bay Times published a story this morning recapping the problem of noxious odors that have plagued the Point for months.
    The story comes in the wake of comments Thursday by Bay Area Air Quality Management District officials and investigators that they are suspicious that the remaining windrows of raw compost material at Republic Services on Parr Road north of the Point might be the source of the smell that Point residents have been experiencing since Christmas.


From the East Bay Times:

Improperly composted material causes a stink in Richmond

By Karina Iofee
RICHMOND — Republic Services, a major waste-disposal company in the Bay Area, stored 10 times more compost than it was permitted to at a local landfill, causing the material to improperly decompose and ultimately emit a noxious odor that some neighboring residents say has made them ill.
Instead of being resold to agricultural users such as farmers and vintners, as much as 360,000 cubic yards of compost — about a football stadium filled 70 yards deep with soil — went sour and had to be landfilled, despite the company’s promise to reduce waste.
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