Thursday, April 5, 2018

Richmond Police offer list of suggestions how to protect against property theft

   POINT RICHMOND - The Richmond Police Department's Crime Prevention Manager has offered a series of tips for people to help protect against theft of property.
Michelle Milam
     The suggestions from Michelle Milam come after RPD Capt. Louis Tirona told residents Tuesday night that they need to take steps to "harden" their homes against thieves.
   "We can't arrest our way out of the problem," Tirona said, part of his comments during an hour-long question and answer session with about 75 residents at the Point Richmond Community Center.
     The meeting was set up by local resident and activist Jessie West so residents could query police about property crimes in Point Richmond. The meeting also was called to set up the newly created Downtown Point Richmond Neighborhood Watch.
The ideas for home protection from Milam include:

•  If you have an alarm system, set it every time you leave home. 
Periodically test your system to avoid false alarms.

•  Garage doors should always be closed and locked. Do not leave your garage door opener in your car.  If your car is stolen, thieves may have access to your home.

•  Lock your garage door from the inside when not in immediate use, or when on vacation.

•  Consider installing motion sensitive lighting. Make sure the perimeter of your home is well lit.

•  Install deadbolt locks with a 1" metal bar on all non-sliding exterior doors.

•  Beware of inviting solicitors into your home where they have access to viewing your floor plans, or learning more about your schedule and living arrangements. 

•  Don’t assume that your personal items have no value to thieves; while you may consider certain items of minimal value, thieves may think otherwise.

•  Keep all doors and windows closed and securely fastened.

•  Never hide a spare key under the doormat, flowerpot, or any obvious location.

•  Store tools and ladders out of sight and locked away.

•  Keep shrubbery trimmed away from doors and windows.

•  Consider using doorbell cameras or active monitoring devices.

•  Start a neighborhood watch on your block to report suspicious activity to police.


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