Thursday, December 29, 2016

BAAQMD officials are suspicious of Republic Services' compost windrows

     POINT RICHMOND - The Bay Area Air Quality Management District said today it is suspicious that some remaining windrows of raw compost material at Republic Services on Parr Road may be the source of the most recent foul odors flooding Point Richmond in the evenings and early morning hours.
     These windrow piles are separate from the two large stacks of compost materials that the company has been trucking away to a Republic-owned landfill for the past few months.
     While the BAAQMD is suspicious the windrows are the source, the investigation is still underway, an official said.

     The air quality agency has visited the site numerous times over the past few months in response to several hundred citizen complaints about the noxious fumes wafting into Point Richmond. Some residents believe the fumes are the likely cause of headaches and sore throats that occur concurrently when the noxious odor is present.
     For the past two evenings, the complaints have ramped up significantly, prompting Republic officials, BAAQMD staff and even private citizens to scour the area trying to locate the exact source.
     The district said in a press release that it is investigating all potential sources of rotten-egg odor complaints in Richmond and San Francisco.
    The investigation includes "...Two flaring incidents at Chevron as well as other potential sources such as ships, area landfills and wastewater treatment facilities."
     Jack Broadbent, executive officer of the air quality district said the agency will pursue "any an all enforcement actions," once the source is determined.

     While the hunt continues for that source, the Point Richmond Neighborhood Council has invited Chevron officials to attend the next PRNC meeting, most likely January 25 unless the PRNC decides to hold a special meeting. Republic Services is scheduled to be on the agenda for the same PRNC meeting to give an update on its new composting system.
     David Schoenthal, president of the PRNC, said he been in touch with Chevron officials who say that the company is confident the foul odors in the Point are not the result of any Chevron activities.


Chevron company odor hotline: 510-242-2127
BAAQMD hotline - 1-800-334-6367
Contra Costa County's Lori Braunesreither, Department of Health
EMAIL: Lori Braunesreither.
Phone: 925-692-2528
Nicole Ewing, Richmond Code Enforcement (510-621-1591)
Bielle Moore, Republic Services community affairs manager
PHONES: (510-262-7547 or 510-205-4908)
Email: Bielle Moore