Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Richmond Planning Director outlines housing & other projects for PRBA

   POINT RICHMOND - The City of Richmond's Planning Director presented an overview of housing, the Richmond General Plan and a variety of other projects in Point Richmond and the surrounding environs when he spoke to the Point Richmond Business Association June 29.
     Richard Mitchell's presentation was given at the PRBA's monthly luncheon, held at the Up and Under Restaurant. (A sound recording of his full remarks can be found at the end of this story.)

     Mitchell gave updates on the several projects either under construction, approved but not yet building and others still in the application/approval process.
     The biggest of those - 316-unit Terminal One - is in the process of doing some environmental remediation, he said.
    "Hopefully by this time next year they will be starting to move the dirt relative to the development itself," Mitchell said.
     Mitchell also said that that new Richmond-to-San Francisco ferry - scheduled to begin service in early 2018 - will have a big impact.
     "The ferry is a game changer if we handle it right," he said.
     Handling it right means ensuring there is adequate ridership for the ferry to continue.

     In response to a question about the traffic expected to be generated by all the new housing , Mitchell said initially there will be issues to be dealt with.
     But he added that he believes the way people use automobiles is changing. He cited the impact of services like Uber and Lyft, among other considerations.
     And he said not to rely too heavily on traffic studies.
     "Traffic counts don't ever come up to the perceptions we have of traffic impacts," he said.

     Mitchell's full comments - including the questions and answers - can be heard by clicking on the video link below.

(Sound recording by Sylvia S. Fox)