Tuesday, December 20, 2016

WANTED: 100 writer-coaches for schools

POINT RICHMOND - The WriterCoach connection is looking for a few good writer-coaches.

     OK, they are actually seeking to add 100 coaches who - after some training - will join the 650-plus volunteers already working in schools in Richmond, El Cerrito, Albany and Berkeley, helping more than 2,000 middle and high school age students.

     In Richmond, the writer-coaches work in English classes at Lovonya DeJean Middle School, Richmond High, and a new college-readiness program for juniors at Kennedy High.

     The program is also operating at El Cerrito High and Korematsu Middle School.

     Program director Kirsten Cross says the writer-coaches help build the students' academic confidence and improve critical thinking skills - in addition to simply helping them also be better writers.

     The time commitment is about two hours per week per 12-week semester, Cross says.

Steve Early
Rita Gardner
     Two well-known Point Richmond authors, Rita Gardner (The Coconut Latitudes) and Steve Early (Save Our Unions and Refinery Town) are currently writer-coaches with the program - both of whom highly recommend joining the ranks of the writer-coaches.