Thursday, January 31, 2019

Weekend ferry service to SF this summer

Ferry arriving at new Richmond Terminal
     POINT RICHMOND - Weekend ferry service between Richmond and San Francisco will likely begin this summer, Thomas Hall of San Francisco Bay Ferry told the Point Richmond Neighborhood Council Wednesday night.
     "Hopefully by this summer," Hall said. "Hopefully in May."
     Hall came to the PRNC to give an update about the ferry service that began January 10 going from the newly constructed Richmond terminal to the San Francisco Ferry Building.
     The Richmond terminal is adjacent to the Craneway Pavilion on Harbor Way South.
     He said ridership has exceeded projections. "Overall, ridership of all the SF Bay Ferry service vessels has nearly doubled since 2012," he said.
     In his presentation, Hall also talked about about new ferries coming into service in the next year.
Schedule - click to enlarge
     The current weekday service runs ferries in the morning and in the afternoon, aimed at commuters.
     The trip takes about 35 minutes dock to dock.
    With the exception of a few dips in service (on rainy days), the ferries have been running with plenty of passengers, Hall said.
     He also noted that the new service is popular with bicyclists.
     "People like to bring bikes on the ferry and take them into the city to use."
     Bike lockers are available at the Richmond Ferry Terminal in the 352-space parking lot.
     Parking for motor vehicles is free there, for now.
     Hall can be contacted via email at

Traffic and road report

     The PRNC also heard a report from Dave Rodgers, a City of Richmond Traffic Engineer about a variety of traffic and road issues around The Point.
      In addition answering questions at the meeting, Rodgers gave PRNC attendees copies of questions and answers about traffic based on a list generated by the PRNC prior to Wednesday's meeting.
     Those questions and the City of Richmond's responses are below. Click on the documents to enlarge for easier reading.

Saturday, January 26, 2019

PRNC to ponder traffic & new ferry service

   POINT RICHMOND - The Point Richmond Neighborhood Council will discuss and hear reports about traffic in The Point and the new ferry service from Richmond to San Francisco when it meets Wednesday evening.
PRNC agenda (click to view)
     The PRNC meeting is open to the public and begins at 7:30 p.m. in the Community Center on Washington Avenue.
     The traffic item will be discussed beginning at 7:40 and will feature Dane Rodgers, the City of Richmond's Traffic Engineer. Rogers will be available to answer questions about transportation needs and goals of The Point and Richmond.
     The PRNC will also hear a report from Maryn Hurlbut, chair of the Recreation and Parks Commission about the reopening of the Plunge.
     At 8:40, Thomas Hall of San Francisco Bay Ferry will be available to take questions and discuss the new ferry service that began on January 10.
     For an earlier story and photos about the first day of ferry service, click here: New Ferry Service Starts from Richmond to SF.
     For more information about the meeting, you can contain the PRNC via email here: PRNC EMAIL.

Ferry dock in Richmond  (Photo by the Richmond Standard)

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Literature Class by Richmond resident opens a window into Shakespeare

   RICHMONDBy the time Janis Hashe moved to Richmond in September 2017, she had been teaching her class “Shakespeare for the Elizabethan Impaired” for more than 20 years. 
     In addition to her career as a writer/editor (current stories can be found in both Oakland Magazine and The East Bay Monthly), Hashe has degrees in theatre arts from San Francisco State and San Jose State, is the former artistic director of Theatre of NOTE in Hollywood, and has taught theatre courses at the college level.  And she is a Bardolator from childhood.
     “I was lucky,” she says. “I was always attracted to Shakespeare’s words, and I had excellent teachers who continued to inspire my interest. But many people end up being bored by Romeo and Juliet as high-school freshmen and never go back.” After hearing about this experience from one too many people, she created her class, which she says is designed for “those who hated Hamlet or loathed Lear in school — but now have decided they may have been missing something.” 
     She will teach it for the first time in the Bay Area starting Feb. 12 through San Francisco City College Extension, and is continuing to look for a good location in Richmond, as well.
     The class begins by covering basics about Shakespeare’s life, and his theatre, including the types of language he used and what audiences he was writing for.  A Midsummer Night’s DreamHamlet, and Richard III are discussed as examples of a comedy, a tragedy, and a history play. “These are often performed, so students will be able to see them with more enjoyment,” says Hashe. “Once you get past the initial language barrier, a whole new world opens up.”
Janis Hashe
   Students are able to bring in “Shakespeare News of the Week” to share, and can help read aloud in class if they choose. “The idea is to make class fun and entertaining, as well as informative. No tests of any kind!” Hashe promises.
     Those who already love Shakespeare and simply enjoy discussing his plays are welcome, too. “I have found over the years that people take the class for a variety of reasons, and that makes for lively conversation,” Hashe says. “Even Marlovians are invited.”

Janis Hashe is also the author of the comedy-suspense novel, The Ex-Club Tong Pang, based partly on her adventures in Los Angeles theatre in the 1980s.

What: Shakespeare for the Elizabethan Impaired (LT101)
Where: San Francisco City College Extension, Downtown Site. 88 4th St., Room 321, San Francisco.
When: Feb. 12, 2019 - Mar. 19, 2019,6:30 p.m. 9 p.m. 
COST: $175
To register and for more information,

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Richmond-to-SF ferry service begins

   POINT RICHMOND - A foggy morning greeted ferry riders at 6 a.m. today as they prepared to board the inaugural WETA ferry service from Richmond to San Francisco.
     The ferry departed from the new terminal near the Craneway Pavilion, 1414 Harbour Way South, taking riders to the Ferry Building in San Francisco. Today begins regular weekday ferry service between the two cities.
     An official ribbon-cutting ceremony and short rides on a ferry around the Richmond Harbor were planned for between 1:30 p.m. to 3 p.m. today at the Richmond Terminal.
     The ceremony and rides are open to the public.
     Music will be provided by the Richmond High School Marching Band and Orchestra.
     Schedules for the new ferry and details about the service about available here:

   Point Richmond photographer Spencer Allen took the first WETA ferry ride into the city this morning and captured the photos below.

In line to catch the first ride
(L-R) Robert Connolly & Rauly Butler of Mechanics Bank with Martin McNair of MBN Marketing
They were the first three in line this morning.

Richmond Mayor Tom Butt grabs a selfie on the inaugural ferry ride

East Brother co-found Rob Lightner interviewed by NBC