Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Point's struggle with odors continues

    POINT RICHMOND, Calif. - Residents of Point Richmond starting calling government agencies Tuesday evening shortly after 8 p.m., reporting an overwhelming noxious smell that touched off a Point-wide hunt for the source of the fumes.
     Representatives of Republic Services turned out Tuesday night to help chase down the source of the smell.
     That hunt was still on this morning as some residents in the downtown area and out in Brickyard Cove continued to report smelling an odor foul enough to keep them indoors.

     Even though fingers were immediately pointed at Republic Services much-criticized composting operation on Parr Road, it remains unclear exactly who is responsible for the most recent odor that prompted dozens of phone calls and emails to air quality officials and others.
     And it was also not clear today if the strong stench reported in Point Richmond had any connection to a mysterious, sulphur-dioxide smell reported in parts of San Francisco Tuesday night.
     Reportedly there were foul odors on the west side of the Richmond-San Rafael bridge last night too.

     Point Richmond resident Steve Birnbaum - writing on the social network Nextdoor - suggested a community meeting should be held with Chevron representatives in an attempt to sort out if Chevron had in any way contributed to Tuesday's - and today's - noxious fumes. He said he has contacted the Point Richmond Neighborhood Council see about inviting Chevron to its next meeting.
     The PRNC's next scheduled meeting is Wednesday, Jan. 25, but could call a special meeting.

Looking north from Point Richmond