Thursday, January 12, 2017

New Marina Way south housing project

   POINT RICHMOND - The planned Richmond-to-San Francisco ferry service has been described as a game changer in support of a developer's plans for a new housing project underway in Marina Bay, at 830 Marina Way South.
     (Here is a link to an earlier story about the SF Bay ferry: FERRY SERVICE TO SF.)
     The project is close to where the new ferry will dock when it begins operating in 2018.
     Details about the 10-acre project - which is projected to have 100 town homes and 98 "live-work" units - were published today in the East Bay Times.

From the East Bay Times

Former warehouse to become new housing

    By Karina Ioffee
     RICHMOND — A former industrial warehouse site will soon become live-work units and town homes, part of Richmond’s ongoing development of its shoreline that has drawn considerable interest from both home buyers and developers.
     In late December, crews began work cleanup on the 10-acre property in the Marina Bay neighborhood and less than half a mile from the waterfront and a ferry terminal set to begin operations in 2018.
     “We felt there was quite a bit of potential in this area and think the ferry will be a game-changer,” said Matt Hamilton, project manager with Development Solutions Seascape LLC, based in Newport Beach, which is developing the property. “It is one of the last relatively affordable areas in the core Bay Area ring.”